14psi HVLP Low Pressure Piston Lift Pump & Install Kit
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Genuine Cummins HVLP 1st gen Dodge Lift Pump .

Includes Install Kit

Upgrade your 1st gen Dodge 1989-93 Cummins VE injection pump fuel supply to a HVLP pump.

If you are looking at other lift/transfer pumps & they don't have Cummins ABFJV cast into them, then they are not OEM Cummins & are just a cheap knock off.

This piston pump results in more flow than the standard # 3936320, 3939258 or HFP702 low flow lift piston pumps and approx 50% more flow than the stock std 2118143 diaphram pump. 

Better throttle response & performance for your 1st Gen Cummins

- The stock / OEM low flow-low pressure lift-pump is of the diaphragm design and produces approx 7psi and drops to appox 0 psi under WOT on a heavily fueled engine. (Lines, banjo's, inj's, inj pump mods etc come into play, so your numbers may vary slightly)

- The standard off the shelf piston lift-pumps produces approx 30 psi @ 2600rpms free-reving and will blow the front fuel seal out of a VE inj pump and push fuel into the front engine gear case, causing oil contamination.

- Our genuine cummins modified high flow-low pressure lift-pump produces a safe 14 psi and drops only appox 4 psi under WOT on a very heavily fueled engine. (Lines, banjo's, inj's, inj pump mods etc come into play, so your numbers may vary). 

This provides more fuel volume, supporting larger injectors and inj pump mods, while better maintaining feed pressure to your VE injection pump, thus keeping the dynamic timing function of the VE inj pump within proper spec's. Our pump has the correct inlet fitting and safe fuel pressure for your VE inj pump, unlike the std 2nd gen piston lift pumps, which have the wrong inlet fitting size and too high of fuel pressure. Any metering down of a 2nd gen piston pump with a needle valve or snubber, will diminish fuel flow, which is not effiecent at all, seeing as you only gain safe pressure but at the cost of flow.

Benefits :

Less smoke

Less egt's


Higher timing

Better throttle responce

Better mileage under heavy throttle

Protects your inj pump & Inj's from fuel starvation

Contents contain : 1 moded genuine cummins piston lift pump

Free ground shipping !!!

This is the complete parts kit needed to install / retro fit a piston lift pump on the 1989-93 Cummins 6bt 

Parts include :

1- 14psi Modified HVLP Cummins Lift Pump

1- #3914753 Supply Line

1- #3914284 Spacer Block

2- #3963983 Fitting Seals 

2- #3939258 Pump to Engine/Spacer Gasket

Note : A new lift pump will not fix either a simple air in fuel or drain back problem or a weak or faulty overflow valve. 

Please don't waste my time if you refuse to fix an existing problem or one the is caused by disturbing old hoses or fittings.

Common problem on customers end is : faulty pressure gauge, old or improper fuel line, cracked pu, air leaking into fittings.

  • Item #: 14psi HVLP & 1st Gen Install Kit
  • Manufacturer: DieselTuff

14psi HVLP Low Pressure Piston Lift Pump & Install Kit

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