1st Gen P7100 Conversion Kit
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1st Gen P7100 Conversion Kit 

Want to convert your 1st Gen 89-93 from a VE pump to a P7100 pump ?

DieselTuff has put together a main P7100 starter kit.


  • Updated Gear Housing (KDP boss is beveled)
  • Block to Gear Housing Gasket
  • Tin front cover
  • Gear Housing to Tin Cover Gasket
  • Front Crank Oil Seal
  • Pump Bracket & Bolts for Pump
  • Engine Brace to Pump Bracket
  • P7100 Pump Gear
  • Gear Housing to Pump Studs & Flange Nuts (4 each)

***Does not come with oil line for Inj pump & oil fitting or injector lines. These are sold separately 


  • P7100 Injection Pump Sold Separately.

Shipping is extra

  • Item #: 1st Gen P7100 Conversion Kit
  • Manufacturer: Cummins & Aftermarket

1st Gen P7100 Conversion Kit

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