FASS Titanium Series Fuel System 165 GPH  2005-18

FASS TS D07 165G Titanium Series Fuel System 150 GPH Lift Pump 2005-2018 5.9L, 6.7L Dodge Cummins

Product Specifications

  • Lift Pump/Filtration Output Volume: 165 GPH (Moderate to Extreme Application)
  • Lift Pump Fuel Line: 1/2" (Included)
  • Estimated Fuel Economy Increase Empty Load: 1-2 MPG
  • Estimated Fuel Economy Increase Heavy Load: 8-12%
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Product Features

  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Air Separation System
  • Reduce Air Entrapment in Fuel
  • Excellent Cold Weather Performance
  • Slight Horsepower and Torque Increase
  • Reduce Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide
  • Increase Life of Fuel Injectors and Fuel Injection Pump
  • Eliminate Fuel Contaminants (Air/Vapor, Debris, and Water from Fuel)
  • Ported Fitting for Coolant to Heat Fuel for Cold Weather Applications
  • FASS Lift Pump/Filtration Series: Titanium (Smaller, More Compact than HD Series)
  • Serviceable Fuel Filter and Water Separator
  • T Block Material: Blue Anodized Aluminum
  • Optional Electric Heater is Available

Product Notes

  • Kit Includes:
    • (1) FASS Titanium Series Lift Pump
    • (1) Fuel Filter
    • (1) Water Separator
    • (1) Electrical Wire Loom
    • (1) Fuel Line
    • (1) Install Package
    • (1) Install Manual

Vehicle Application

    • 2005-2018 5.9L & 6.7L Dodge Cummins 2500
    • 2005-2018 5.9L & 6.7L  Dodge Cummins 3500 
165 GPH for Engines with Moderate to Extreme HP Performance Upgrades.

The FASS Titanium Series of the FASS Product Line provides many benefits to the consumer besides high mileage fuel pumps and superb filtration. This series goes beyond removing debris and water, the Titanium Series removes air/vapor from the fuel. This not only robs vital engine performance but can cause severe damage to fuel injectors. This is where FASS Fuel Air Separation System has earned the #1 position in fuel delivery and filtration, taking 2nd place to no one!
  • Item #: TS D07 165G
  • Manufacturer: FASS

FASS Titanium Series Fuel System 165 GPH 2005-18

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