HP10098  Incab airbag controller
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Pacbrake HP10098 Dash Activation Switches with HP325 Series Air Compressor

- Individually operate Pacbrake’s air springs right from the driver’s seat with separate, in-cab controls.

- 33% Duty Cycle
- 150 PSI Max Working Pressure
- Draws 18 AMPs
- 1/2 & 2 1/2 gallon air tank options available (HP10053/HP10050)
*Please note that if adding an air tank, a pressure switch is also required.

HP10110 is for 105-135 PSI and HP10111 is for 85-105 PSI

  • Item #: HP10098
  • Manufacturer: PacBrake

HP10098 Incab airbag controller

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