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Let the pump drain all oil for at least a half hour by standing it up on the shaft. Then tip it back down on its side to drain fuel for a while, then back up to drain oil again. This gets almost all the oil out of the pump and saves the box from getting oil soaked.
Next you need to remove all the accessories and brackets from the pump. The shop does not need them to calibrate the pump, they usually get broken in shipping, poke holes in the box.

Pieces that should be removed include the following:
Any fuel or oil lines and fittings
The support bracket on the bottom of the pump
Any fitting in the afc for boost reference (these always get damaged in shipping if not removed)
All the throttle bracket and linkage assembly (only leave the throttle lever as pictured above)
The shutoff solenoid and bracket

Next thing, DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF TAPE TO SEAL FUEL INLET/OUTLET, OIL FITTING, OR DV HOLDERS!!!! It turns into a nasty form of adhesive goo that is a pain to remove from the pump and angry pump guys' hands.

Up next is to bag your pump, heavy trash bags work really well for this (the bag will catch any residual oil from the pump without ruining the box during shipping.
When you package your pump, DO NOT allow a courier to do this, they will use packing peanuts and your pump will get damaged in shipping, it's just that simple. Do not use packing peanuts as packing material, these pumps are heavy and they will not protect it during shipping. The easiest and best packing material is wadded up newspaper. It takes a lot of it, but it will work well and cushions the pumps surprisingly well. Wad the paper up and toss it in the box until the box is full of paper, then drop your pump in. Now wad up at least the same amount of paper and put it in front, behind, on the sides, and over the top of the pump. If you think it's full of paper and packaged well, add some more paper just to be safe, it will compact down nicely when you close your box and tape everything shut.