Mag-Hytec Ford F5R110W Deep Aluminum Trans Pan


Overall height 6 1/8"

All 2008-2010 with NEW STYLE INTERNAL FILTER (see note below)

6.4 Liter Diesel (5 Speed Torque Shift)

V10 Gas with (5 Speed Torque Shift)

Holds 8.3 quarts more fluid than stock pan

Includes: Bolt kit, and Drain Plug.

ATTN: 2008 OWNERS, To help you distinguish the correct pan for your truck. It will be important to check the width of the long rectangle surface in the center of the pan. The "New" #F5R110W will be approximately 4 1/2" wide. The #F5R110 will be approximately 3" wide. Please call if you have any questions.


Attention: See Service Bulletin on Mag Hytec's web site for Leaking Issues in the: "Install Tab" Service Bulletin F5R110 / 4R100 in the right hand column.


  • Item #: F5R110W
  • Manufacturer: MagHytec

Mag-Hytec Ford F5R110W Deep Aluminum Trans Pan

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