PDR 1st Gen Intake System 91.5-93 Cummins
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PDR 1st Gen Intake System 91.5-93 Cummins

(will fit the 89-91 non-intercooled engine turbo with a reducer, sold seprately)

In stock now and ready to ship. 

Using 4" high-quality steel each is precision mandrel bent, thorougly acid-washed inside and out, and then go through a 3-stage sanding process to make the tubing completely smooth and free from all creases and dimples from the mandrel.  Once sanded and de-burred they are chemically cleaned and then powdercoated black.  Intakes are individually boxed and the installation kit including high-quality hardware is packaged and the kits are ready for your engine bay.  

Based on dyno results and customer feedback, here is what an PDR Intake can do for your rig:

- Faster turbo spool-up and faster torque - approximately 200 rpm sooner
    -- Excellent for rigs that haul or for daily-drivers who (like me) enjoy the benefits of 'more'.

- Lower egt's - as much as a 200* drop 

- Increase in fuel mileage by up to 2 mpg

- Fantastic turbo sound!

- Fantastic good looks for your 1st Gen Cummins engine bay

Comes with AFE Filter Part Number 24-91009 or choose no filter...your choice.

Only fits Intercooled Motors without buying a reducer, sold seperately !!!

  • Item #: PDR3510004F
  • Manufacturer: PDR

PDR 1st Gen Intake System 91.5-93 Cummins

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