PDR-EGRD-6.7C-07 2007.5-09  6.7L  EGR Valve / Cooler Delete Kit
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PDR-EGRD-6.7C-07 2007.5- early 09  6.7L  EGR Valve / Cooler Delete Kit

These PDR Diesel kits include EGR valve block off plates, EGR cooler block off plates, o-rings and hardware. 

PDR Diesel Dodge 6.7L Cummins EGR Cooler Delete Kit Benefits:

  • Eliminates future EGR cooler failures
  • Eliminates clogging of the EGR valve and soot build-up in the intake
  • Lower EGT and coolant temperatures
  • Increases bottom end response
  • Eliminates the recirculation of corrosive exhaust gasses into the engine
  • Prolongs engine life

Technical Notes:

  • This product is designed for off-road, legal racing/competitions use only and may not be legally used on public highways, streets, or other. By purchasing this product, the owner assumes acknowledgement of these restrictions and agrees to use the vehicle only for off-road, otherwise legal racing/competition purposes in controlled environments.
  • Must be used with a tuner that suppresses EGR codes.
  • Up to customer to determin if they need an early 2009 kit or late 09 kit.
  • Item #: PDR-EGRD-6.7C-07
  • Manufacturer: PDR

PDR-EGRD-6.7C-07 2007.5-09 6.7L EGR Valve / Cooler Delete Kit

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