Pacbrake C14100 6BT Exh.Brk.Pkg. 3". Mnt. 35Psi
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Pacbrake C14100  6BT Exh.Brk.Pkg. 3". Mnt. 35Psi

Pacbrake’s is the unquestioned leader in the supplemental brake industry. PacBrakes design delivers the strongest braking horsepower, greatest speed reductions and shortest stopping distances possible without the use of service brakes. It maintains optimum retarding performance by maximizing the exhaust backpressure throughout the entire RPM range. Unlike a typical exhaust brake, which requires high RPMs to work properly, the PacBrake delivers constant exhaust pressure (braking) as early as 1200 RPM through to the maximum allowable RPM.

  • Item #: C14100
  • Manufacturer: PacBrake

Pacbrake C14100 6BT Exh.Brk.Pkg. 3". Mnt. 35Psi

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