SBC Stg 2 ENDURANCE K70316F-HD-OFE clutch kit

SBC Stg 2 ENDURANCE Clutch Kit w/SMF for 5-speed (02J)

SBC # K70316F-HD-OFE; CLUTCH - for 1998-2006 VW, IV 1.9L TDI, 350 Ft-Lb; Includes crank bolts, SFI Approved, Kit includes Flywheel # SBCF8210TDIC

This is South Bend's Stage 2 Endurance clutch and flywheel kit for VWs. It replaces the OE dual mass flywheel with an SBC single mass flywheel in the weight of 22lb. It includes a Feramic full face lining on the flywheel side and a "Medium Metal" content Organic lining on the pressure plate side. This combination runs cooler and significantly extends clutch life. The OFE series clutch not only engages very smoothly, it will hold 350 ft/lbs of torque in this application. This is an excellent clutch for TDIs with extreme modifications that are also driven daily.

The kit includes:

  • Standard 22 lb. flywheel
  • Clutch disc
  • Pressure Plate
  • Throwout bearing

    Also includes the following hardware

  • N101 010 01 Pressure plate bolts
  • N905 398 01 Flywheel bolts
  • Clutch alignment tool

Note: Canadian customers....this clutch kit is special order for Canadian customers and can take 3 weeks or longer to arrive. No, we can not get it quicker, so please do not ask or keep asking when it will arrive..... Once ordered by a Canadian customer, your order can not be cancelled. Don't order if you can not wait. By ordering this clutch kit, you agree to these terms.

  • Item #: K70316F-HD-OFE
  • Manufacturer: South Bend Clutch

SBC Stg 2 ENDURANCE K70316F-HD-OFE clutch kit

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