TDI Actuator for 99-03 VW turbo's

Turbo Actuator for 1999-03 VW VNT15 & VNT17 Turbos

Over time the factory turbo's variable geometry exhaust housing actuator system can rust through and/or stick. When the turbo's actuator rusts through or sticks the turbo's variable geometry is stuck and cannot adjust pitch according to boost pressure, resulting in poor performance. VW or Garrett will not sell these actuators by themselves, you must buy the whole turbo with exhaust manifold.

This stock replacement actuator is made to factory specifications and is simple to install as it bolts in place of the existing factory turbo actuator. Simply measure the length of the factory failed actuator shaft and install our actuator and adjust to the proper length.

  • Item #: TDI Actuator

TDI Actuator for 99-03 VW turbo's

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